Entain Partners

Entain Partners operates a revenue-share payment scheme, so you earn a percentage of the monthly revenue generated by players you refer. See how we calculate your revenue.

The more players you refer, the higher the revenue percentage you earn on those players.

Entain Partners

Note: CPA Plans are available on request. Contact your Account Manager for more details. RMPs referred through the CPA Plan will not count for purposes of calculating your revenue under the Revenue Share Plan.

There are qualifying criteria in order for referred players to be eligible to count towards being an RMP sign-up.

The Global Revenue Share Plan enables you to earn money for every customer who visits us through your affiliate site, registers and wagers. The Revenue Share Plan allows you to move up through the ranks. Your earnings are not limited to the main product as you can also profit from the crossover. The more RMPs you attract the higher the remuneration you will receive for your efforts. The RS level you reach depends on the number of RMPs you acquire per month.

Global Revenue Share Plan

Brands: bwin, partypoker, PartyCasino

Monthly FTD* sign-ups per brand category

Monthly NGR** % payment on Primary Brand

Monthly NGR** % payment on Cross-over Revenue

Entain Partners

*FTDs = First time depositors (please refer to section 2.22 of our Affiliate Agreement for further information)

**NGR = Net Gaming Revenue (please refer to section 2.17 of our Affiliate Agreement for further information)

What are main product and cross-over-revenues?

You need to choose a main product for each of your trackers. The main product is the one that fits best with your existing content and the one you will actively promote. The marketing material and banners used should complement the content of your website. You can also use our promotions to enhance your content. The connection between your content and our brand should be clear and create synergy. For instance, your poker website could promote one of our poker brands as your main product by using our poker banners and content.

Cross-over-revenues are earnings generated when your players generate revenue in any product other than this main product. For example, if a user clicks on your poker banner, logs in to our site and generates revenue by playing our casino brands rather than our poker brands, you will earn Cross-over Revenues for the player's casino revenue. You would continue to earn the main product revenue for all poker revenue generated by that player.

Entain Partners